Kid’s Ministry

PowerKidz – Where kidz get plugged in!!!

PowerKidz is a Sunday morning program geared specifically for children (up to grade 5). It is a place where they can come while the adults are in service and learn about Christ in a way they will understand. It is all about creating an environment where kids can get charged up and energized about Jesus.

Each Sunday kids can enjoy a Vacation Bible School (VBS) style rotation of:

Craft & Create
Listen & Learn
Snack & Chat

Craft & Create – is a place where kid’s creativity comes alive through recreating the lesson of the day in a craft form. 

Listen & Learn – is where biblical stories come alive through media, drama and worship.

Snack & Chat – is a place where kids can build community and relationships with their peers over snacks and discussion about the lessons they are learning. 

Each stage of the rotation promotes different learning styles to help kids understand the lessons they are being taught. We understand that everyone learns differently and want to cover as many styles as possible to make sure the kids leave each Sunday having grasped the concepts taught.

PowerKidz is held every Sunday morning at Lakeshore Community Church – 2815 Old Lakeshore Road, Brights Grove. Kids are dismissed during the service to attend their classes.

Plan to Protect

At Lakeshore Community Church, we see it as our utmost responsibility to ensure that we provide an environment that is safe and secure for children. Therefore, every person who works in the area of children’s or youth ministries must go through Plan to Protect. This involves an in-depth screening process that includes a police check, reference checks, an interview, as well as intense training in the policies and procedures that have been adopted and implemented by Lakeshore Community Church.

To learn more about our Children and Youth programs, please contact us at

Seasonal Events

Lakeshore Community Church loves people of all ages and loves to put on special events for our church family and our community throughout the year. We enjoy building relationship with one another and sharing in games, fun and laughter. During the year we hold several seasonal parties and holiday celebrations, but that isn’t all we do! In the past we have had events such as: a BBQ for the parents (held by the children), family hockey/baseball games, fall fun at Korny Korners, Canada Day parade, firework parties, beach events, Lakeshore Christmas and many many more!

We would love to have you come and hang out with us; stay tuned on our website for updates on upcoming events and activities! See you there!